The story of the DSH dust suppression system

In 2004 Trevor Schwass was installing his innovative hopper at the Ravensdown Fertiliser plant in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand, he met the first of his sceptics. The truck driver asked Trevor what he was doing. When Trevor explained how the hopper worked, the truck driver laughed and replied, “Yeah, right!”


Since then, many people have struggled to believe that dry, granular goods can be dropped through the air with minimal or no dust. They’ve called the DSH hopper “the magic bucket” and claimed the evidence was photo trickery. The only wizardry was the innovative design, which combined Trevor’s experience in the bulk handling industry with his understanding of physics.


Seeing the hoppers in action has turned those sceptics into believers. Now DSH Systems are distributed and used all over the world for dust suppression in bulk handling, creating cleaner, safer work environments.


And as for the truck driver at the Ravensdown Fertiliser plant? Well, he was found later, starring open-mouthed at Trevor’s hopper as fertiliser fell in a perfect pour.

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