DSH dust control systems
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The Low Cost, Simple Solution For Near

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The DSH philosophy is to prevent the generation of dust at the source, before it enters the environment, rather than trying to remove or suppress it after it has escaped into the air.


With DSH dust suppression system, workplaces can effectively minimise fugitive dust before it is released.


Our system is an effective, low cost, low maintenance, long term solution to prevent fugitive dust from becoming airborne, thus helping create safer environments for employees and surrounding communities.

Why Choose a DSH?

Reduce Maintenance
Our systems contains no internal moving parts and only requires a set of springs in order to function. It also requires no electricity, hydraulics, or pneumatics meaning there is less ongoing maintenance needed, and any servicing that is due is a simple and quick task.
Reduce Health & Safety Issues
Our system reduces the amount of fugitive dust in the workplace, creating a healthier, safer environment for workers and ensuring that health and safety protocols and environmental regulations regarding the production of and exposure to dust is below specified levels.
Reduce Cleaning & Waste
Our systems prevent dust production when transferring products, meaning less product waste, contamination, and housekeeping.
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