Meet your industrial dust control team
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The DSH Team

Meet Your Industrial Dust Control Team

Easy to install, operate and maintain, DSH dust control systems improve health and safety standards for workers, mitigate the risk of dust explosions and help to save you money with cleaning costs. By removing air from product, they also increase your storage capacity without reducing load times. In many cases, DSH Hoppers have increased loading times and efficiency, allowing loading into trucks, rail, ships and other containers from one feeding point.

Ian Walton


Contact me if you need a DSH System for industrial dust control. I’ll work with you through system design, manufacturing, supply and installation. You can speak to me about your project from start to finish and beyond. I’ll ensure you get an industrial dust control solution that adds value to your business and increases your profitability.

Joe Yap


Contact me for remote or on-site advice and assistance with industrial dust control problems. DSH Systems are a unique, proven and cost effective solution for most bulk loading dust emission problems. You can expect a prompt response from me for all questions and enquiries.

Frank Ferguson


Contact me for a technical assessment if you have an industrial dust control problem. I’ll provide you with calculations, drawings, advice and recommendations about how to achieve the best dust control solution for your bulk loading facility. Our systems are more than a product, they’re a complete and supported solution available globally.

DSH Systems has global distributors.


We care about your air