The unique benefits of a DSH dust suppression system

DSH dust suppression systems are easy to install with minimal interruption to production. They come in a range of sizes and designs for different products, loading applications and desired flow rates.


The DSH hopper is an award winning patented product with proven capability, superior support and is globally available.

A DSH dust suppression system will benefit your work environment by:

  • Providing better air quality and visibility.
  • Mitigating the risk of dust explosion.
  • Improving health and safety standards for workers.
  • Reducing or eliminating environmental and neighbourhood complaints.
  • Easing regulatory body concerns.



A DSH dust suppression system will make your business more profitable by:

  • Allowing faster, cleaner, continuous loading per truck, ship or rail car.
  • Significantly lowering product loss during loading.
  • Reducing maintenance, dust disposal and cleaning costs.
  • Providing greater storage ability with clean stockpiles and improved angle of repose.
  • Reducing product shrinkage, allowing you to sell more product.
  • Removing air from products to increase your storage capacity.
  • Allowing you to relocate or turn off dust extractors.
  • Reducing loss of fugitive fines.

The standard model also has no moving parts and doesn’t need utilities.


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