Dust suppression loading chute systems
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DSH Systems Installations

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Gonbar Constructora – Mexico

“The DSH worked better than expected.” - Danae Gonzalez Baron
Kotzur – Australia

“In my 30 years in the grain industry, my observation was that the hopper worked well to reduce the dust levels to well below what would normally be expected.” -  Andrew Kotzur, Managing Director
Ravensdown Fertiliser – New Zealand

“Ravensdown Fertilisers, Severn Street Store have had the privilege of using and installing a Dust Suppression Hopper (DSH) which has been able to fulfil our store requirements for dry, dusty, granular and powdered product. Allowing us to contain dusty product is paramount to our operation, as is the flow of material when loading bulk trucks from our site. The DSH, located outside, vulnerable to a degree of weather conditions, course and abrasive product has proved hard wearing, durable and efficient for our business. We have no hesitation in recommending this product.” - Ka-te Parahi Store Operations Manager
Incitec Pivot Ltd. – Adelaide, Australia

“We have one of your hoppers operating at Port Adelaide on straight Urea (commissioned in 2005) And I am very impressed with it. Didn't think anything would do that after thirty years in the business”. - Robin Douglas Projects Manager
Ravensdown Fertiliser – Napier, New Zealand

“We are using the Dust Suppression Hopper on our load-out points: truck and rail and also the dress belt into store, a drop of about 14 meters. The hoppers have been a great success in cutting down the dust problem and making visibility a lot easier and provide a perfect pour when loading. The computer controlled model pours perfectly every time and is a great for loading spreaders with small bins.” - Shannon Barwood Dispatch Foreman
Elders WGF – Australia

"The Hopper has made a big difference on the super line at Geelong in the short time it has been operating, mainly in the time it takes to load. I estimate that it is four or five minutes faster as we do not have to take the crossbars out of the truck bodies, or if they are left in, the old chute had to be raised and lowered into each section and now it runs straight through the whole length and does not make any dust. Hopefully every fertiliser company will be using them soon.” - Steve Johnson Transport Operator
Impact Fertiliser – Devonport, Australia

"Impact Fertiliser, the preferred supplier of nutrients to Tasmanian agriculture, installed a dust suppression hopper at the Devonport site two years ago. Since then we have installed three more at depots around Tasmania and others in Victoria. All Site Managers are more than pleased with their performance." - Breven Howe Site Manager
Incitec Pivot Ltd – Geelong, Australia

“We have had the Hopper operating for about 7 months and are extremely happy with it. We now have basically no maintenance to worry about. We no longer have to reline the old system every 3-4 months and no more electrical concerns, re winches etc, that used to raise and lower the old chute. I anticipate that we will be installing more Dust Suppression Hoppers on site in the near future”.   Karl Van Wanrooy Logistics Site Supervisor

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